About IGPI Technology

IGPI Technology is committed to putting technologies created in Japan and the rest of the world to practical use, ranging from supporting the launch and growth of ventures to assisting large companies that utilize technologies with their business development, based on the idea of turning technology into business.

Numerous technologies are being created on a daily basis around the world, from hardcore technology at academic institutions such as universities and national research laboratories and research institutes within companies to IT technology developed by elite engineering groups.

However, technology does not exist for the sake of being created. Without a correct road map toward social implementation, it will end up being a useless treasure. These days, we often hear about news of lack of budgets for science and technology and inability to develop and utilize human resources. To steer sufficient personnel and resources toward the area of science and technology, we need an ecosystem in which technology is turned into business — in other words, monetizing technology in the form of a business — and returning the profits gained there to research sites. Superb basic research lies behind applied research that is close to social implementation. For such basic research to continue, correct steering of technology that is close to the social implementation phase is required.

Correct steering does not just point to simple methodology such as obtaining patents or launching a venture and bringing in a full-time manager. It involves level-headed analysis and understanding of the business environment such as competition and market structure including legal restrictions as well as the technology’s source of competitive advantage and position. It becomes necessary to materialize and quantify the business road map, while at times coordinating with other companies and other technologies, and continue to operate a realistic PDCA cycle among the persons concerned. This need is not limited to ventures. The same thing can be said for large companies whose existing businesses utilize new technologies or when they launch a new business.

IGPI Technology will draw upon the numerous experiences of having provided management and business support to both large companies and ventures to come up with unique solutions for creating and nurturing businesses together with our clients and do everything we can to realize them.